Winter craft projects - fingerless gloves

Some say I should just turn up the heat in the store, but I took this as an opportunity to get crafty. I present to you, instructions for making fingerless gloves:

Step 1: Gather scissors, chalk, and a pair of gloves from the breeding population in the back of your closet:


Step 2: Put on gloves, use chalk to mark them just below your last knuckle for each finger of the glove

Step 3: Use scissors to cut fingers on the chalk line you marked on them. And I can’t stress this enough, remove gloves before cutting them with scissors.


And voila! Enjoy your functional and stylish new garment.


Hear here! Audiobooks are now an option

We are delighted to have found a great way to connect our customers with inexpensive, download-friendly audiobooks.

There is a company called which partners with small book stores like ours to offer a wide array of audiobooks individually or with a membership subscription. You can find us there, or our friends at Snowbound Books, and a number of other bricks and mortar shops around the country. Check it out:

Perhaps you have tried Audible but do not care for the aftertaste of Amazon, or if you just want to make purchases from small businesses and local taxpayers - well, try it and let us know what you think.

(PS - If you would still prefer an audiobook on CD, we do have a small selection at the store and the Escanaba Public Library keeps plenty in stock. Easy listening!)

Neighborhood Talks - community building series

We love our community, as a business - sure, but also as a couple of human beings hoping to learn and grow alongside our friends and neighbors.

Since we took over the Canterbury Book Store we have had so many interesting and inspiring conversations, meeting everyday people with remarkable lives and interests. We feel so rich to have this social life, and would like to share it with our customers. Rebecca is reading the recent biography of Fred Rogers and moved to ask, “how can we be good neighbors?”

Starting this Wednesday we are going to open our doors after-hours and lure you in with coffee and snacks. The first discussion will be based on The Good Neighbor (available in-store, but under no obligation), and we hope to grow into a small group series based on the interests of our community. Science cafe? Reading group? Storytelling? Consider yourself invited!