Hear here! Audiobooks are now an option

We are delighted to have found a great way to connect our customers with inexpensive, download-friendly audiobooks.

There is a company called Libro.fm which partners with small book stores like ours to offer a wide array of audiobooks individually or with a membership subscription. You can find us there, or our friends at Snowbound Books, and a number of other bricks and mortar shops around the country. Check it out: https://libro.fm/canterbury

Perhaps you have tried Audible but do not care for the aftertaste of Amazon, or if you just want to make purchases from small businesses and local taxpayers - well, try it and let us know what you think.

(PS - If you would still prefer an audiobook on CD, we do have a small selection at the store and the Escanaba Public Library keeps plenty in stock. Easy listening!)