Independent Book Store Day, April 27th (and all year long)

Everyone has special days of the year they treasure, and for many independent, locally owned book stores around the country, that day is April 27th. The small “indie” book store community is very closely knit, having weathered the storms of the internet era, the rise and fall of “big box” stores, the 2008 recession, and the numerous and various obstacles that every small business faces.

On a day like today, indies celebrate the unique relationship we have with local authors, local schools, and a global community of writers and readers of all stripes. We take pride in the unique flavor we absorb from our customers and the personal energy we invest in relationships built on careful words and beautiful art.

Is Canterbury Book Store good at celebrating holidays? Not really, but we have coffee cake from across the street, fresh coffee from down the road, and the soft sounds of our local National Public Radio filling the air. For us, it is just another great day to be in Escanaba.